The product line includes CVS FERRARI

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Complete range of forklift trucks designed for heavy duty purpose:

  • Lifting capacities from 10 up to 50 tons at 1200 mm load centre.
  • Modular mast configuration: duplex or triplex, standard or full free lift.
  • Large variety of handling configurations:
  • Straight forks of different lengths.
  • Boom for coils.
  • Timber and log handling.
  • Pipe clamping.
  • Vacuum clamping.
  • Magnetic clamping

Complete range of heavy-duty forklift trucks designed for container handling:

  • Lifting capacity from 25 to 50 tons at 1200 mm load centre.
  • Modular mast configuration up to 6 x 8'6''.
  • Inverted fork mounted spreaders.
  • Fixed 20' or 40' or telescopic top spreader 20'- 40'
  • Quick release system for forks.
  • Compact wheelbase for minimum turning radius.

Offering the state of the art of Ferrari technology:

  • Lifting capacity up to 35 tons at 8035 mm distance.
  • Third generation of stabilizers to lower the ground pressure.
  • Compact wheelbase up to 7500 mm Innovative lifting extension to handle containers from barges.
  • Piston pumps and load sensing distributor.
  • Full CAN BUS integrated management.

Forklift trucks equipped with gantry-mounted spreader dedicated for container handling:

  • Models: Ferrari 42 G4 and G5; Ferrari 45 G4, G5 and G6.
  • Lifting capacities up to 45 tons.
  • Lifting heights up to 6 x 8'6''.
  • Telescopic top spreader ISO 20'- 40' gantry mounted.
  • Side shifting, slewing and outreach as standard.