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Today Ferrari has the widest range of reach stacker offered on the market:

  • Powered by three different engines size 237 hp, 320 hp and 380 hp.
  • Telescopic 20' - 40' ISO container spreader 45 tons capacity as standard.
  • Three different lifting capacities in second row from 25 to 36 tons..
  • Lightest ground pressure.
  • Lowest fuel consumption.
  • Full PLC/CAN BUS integrated management.
  • GSM connection for remote control.

The intermodal range is equipped with spreader with integral piggyback. Thanks to the modular CVS design the piggyback offers:

  • Longer legs.
  • Extra wide opening.
  • Handling of semi-trailers and swap bodies of the latest generation.
  • Possibility to be retrofitted even later on.

Offering the state of the art of Ferrari technology:

  • Lifting capacity up to 35 tons at 8035 mm distance.
  • Third generation of stabilizers to lower the ground pressure.
  • Compact wheelbase up to 7500 mm Innovative lifting extension to handle containers from barges.
  • Piston pumps and load sensing distributor.
  • Full CAN BUS integrated management.

The DSR® (quick release system) allows you to install on your reach stacker the most convenient fixture to handle any sort of cargo